4 Feb 2019

MANY MEN (A Considerate Call-Out)

If the race was to the swift, or battle to the strong, or bread to men of understanding, or riches to the wise, MANY MEN would be dull weak hungry paupers! If favor were to men of skill, or success to men of plan, or like say money no dey miss road, plenty men for no see light at all. Aren’t we thankful to God for the mystery of TIME AND CHANCE???

What’s however not thanks-worthy is the fact that MANY MEN seem to delight in messing with the TIMES AND CHANCES of OTHER MEN. Jesus says a STUDENT is not greater than his TEACHER. But MANY MEN don’t wanna see youngsters enroll in school, not to mention becoming as great as THEM, the SUPPOSED teachers.

In MANY MEN’s opinion, a filthy basement is the best abode for a youngster, even when God says the glory of the LATTER HOUSE shall be greater than that of the FORMER. For a time, KING SAUL of Israel unhealthily thought Israel was about him. He disobeyed God, dishonored God’s prophet, and attempted killing God’s chosen one, his successor.

All the deeds of Saul, how he fell on his own sword for fear of dying by the hands of those he once conquered, how the Philistines cut off his head, put his armor in the temple of idols, and fastened his body to the city wall, are they not documented in the first book of Samuel??? Yet, MANY MEN take no care to such incidences. For their mind, na Saul be dat.

But how are the mighty fallen! Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph. That was David’s lament for the fallen Saul. I do not wish to lament the same for MANY MEN, even though they want PETTINESS for me. But if it comes to that, so be it!


25 Jan 2019


After working hard all week, its only fair that you take out time by weekend to cool off. But while doing so, never forget that work starts again by Monday and you've got to put in energy to make it pay. @sweeneymoulded has some motivation for you via his latest song titled SIO INWEK; translated to mean HUSTLE HARD. Hit on the link below to download this new hustlers anthem and stay motivated.


11 Jan 2019


Make no mistakes about it, when I die, trust me, I wanna go to heaven. But I see the devil’s angels trying to get me all stained up before then. Like King David in the bible, they wanna rob me of the chance to build the Lord’s temple, and this ain’t even about putting a hit on a man and taking his wife. Worse off, I’ve got no son to do the job like David. At least he had Solomon to fill his void when he was gone. But I got none yet!

Won’t let myself consider jumping into marriage unprepared for the sake of having an heir. But seven days in God’s camp, only to step out and get mugged by Satan’s angels, you could frustratingly consider doing just about anything. Maybe jump into marriage unprepared and have an heir, and then get a gun so you can make a name off those dark angels the next time they come rolling. I ain’t a gangster, but don’t push me!

All my life’s work gone in just a moment? For what? And why? Cuz they got guns? We should all have guns! We should learn to pull the trigger and justify our consciences with the thought that “if a shot is fired with the finger, the victim must have had skeletons in his closet.” Came up with that poetic line some seven years back. The time might just have come to follow through with it for real, considering the circumstance.

In June 2015, these gunmen paid me a visit by 4:18am and made away with my gadgets. Three years down the line, the same trash reoccurs? It ain’t likely to happen again. I don’t care how far I might have to go to make sure of that. Perhaps if they know we all have guns, they’d have second thoughts before making a move and probably won’t. But if they do anyways, all hell breaks loose, I guess.

If I don’t make it to heaven like Jesus and Elijah (rapture), I’ll make it there like the thief on the cross (narrow escape). Roger that! And I think it’s time to court a lady. Howbeit, be advised to not get a gun without a license. And do not jump into marriage unprepared. This piece is only a creative work of art, inspired by a devastating robbery experience. You can court a lady, though.


19 Dec 2018


I wanna be more famous than money. But having fame without the right amount of wealth to commensurate the fame is just something I can’t wrap my head around. Like, what’s the joy in being famous and broke? Think about it; when we hear names like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Bishop Oyedepo, and those other famed names, the first thing that comes to mind is the mammoth wealth they’ve amassed.

But when we hear MERLIN the magician, or GAIUS his equally poor master, or Jezuzboi©, or that poverty stricken wise man in the book of proverbs who delivered a whole city with his wisdom but died broke, what the hell comes to mind? Just a bunch of stunts men and “mad creatives” with poor financial recognition. That’s sick!!! And that’s gotta change!!!

Since MERLIN and GAIUS are fictional characters in a blockbuster movie, and the POOR WISE MAN a biblical figure of the old testament, we only have Jezuzboi© to make the difference. Like it or not, the process has begun. It’s just a matter of time and moneybags will manifest insecurities at the mention of Jezuzboi©. I don’t mean to be vain. You and I know I’m heaven conscious. But it’s just as important to be earthly relevant. You know that too, right?


30 Nov 2018


Don’t get it twisted, my small city is a land filled with milk and honey. But for a man who yearns for bread and butter, a land with milk and honey cannot do much to satisfy that craving. That’s where the big city comes in. However, the bridge between the big and small city is like the wall that gave Humpty Dumpty up to shattering; like the line between heaven and hell. But then, if I must have a fair share of bread and butter, crossing that bridge is a chance I must take.

Here’s what you should know about a few who took the chance. Some never made it there, neither did they return. The last time they bade us farewell was the last we saw them. Some made it there and became wanderers, while some came back empty-handed like biblical Naomi. Thankfully, some arrived, conquered, and returned as heroes. These ones are the reason a couple of us down here are positive about the big city; there must be something there for us.

But a piece of advice from them got us thinking. The big city is not a bed of roses. It is like a jungle: you eat or get eaten. Everyone is on the fast lane. No one looks out for the other, and there are thousands of immigrants with larger appetites for bread and butter. With that, what chance do we stand, especially with our seemingly small appetites? Relax and grow your appetites beyond this small city. Be ready for what’s up there, then move! That was the advice.

Growing the appetite is a 2-way traffic: an individual task as well as a cooperate affair. Sadly, we have different appetites and had to pitch our tents in groups with fellows of like-appetites just like the builders of the tower of Babel after being cursed with diverse tongues. As it turned out, we became too few per group to grow our appetites corporately, though the individual growth was no challenge. We needed recruits. Now, this is where the story begins.
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